Friday, April 15, 2016

Mentoring & Connecting

For the last 7 years our family has been evangelizing the lost, equipping and empowering leaders and planting a healthy, growing church. We appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to invest in the urban poor in Los Angeles and beyond in that way. This month, however, we thought we might share some of the things we are doing on a bigger scale – beyond the focus of our local church planting and evangelism efforts.

1.      Puente (The Bridge): Because of our unique position as missionaries in the city we can be the bridge between the disenfranchised and under resourced communities we serve in and other churches, individuals and organizations (schools, businesses, non-profits) from outside of the city that wish to join this mission. Time and time again this partnership has enabled us to reach more people for Christ and has been a blessing for all involved -- the transformation through these partnerships is life changing.

2.      Urban Church Association (UCA): Our vision goes way beyond one, or even twelve, healthy churches to networks and movements of reproducing churches. One of the ways we invest in this vision is through the UCA. Chad is on the leadership team of this fellowship of pastors, church and community leaders that equips, encourages and resources churches to plant more churches in the city. During a recent meeting together there were two men that had recently been released from prison who feeling called to ministry in the prison had nowhere to turn upon being released. Their raw, sincere, heart-felt faith was inspiring. They helped serve the other pastors breakfast and have joined the UCA – a perfect place to foster their growth. We hope that one day they can join or lead a team, sent out from amongst the UCA, to plant another church in the city amongst the urban poor.

3.      Coaching & Mentoring Church Planters: It is also such a blessing to increasingly move into the role of mentor and coach for emerging church planters. As we continue to plant churches and equip leaders through our own church, we also have the opportunity to coach others just starting off. We have some really exciting events coming up in the next few months with the goal of training, tooling and releasing new church planters:

  •         We have Pulse, which is a leadership training for Christians working in the urban context, including artists, pastors, church planters and more. Chad will be teaching one of the tracks on church planting (in Spanish). The whole conference will be offered in both English and Spanish. (If you would like to see the promo video you can go to: )

  •         We also have our first Evangel Church Planting School, a 3-day intensive training and evaluation process for new church planters. Here Chad will shadow new church plant teams and provide valuable coaching during the school and then continue to meet and guide the church plant pastor throughout their process.

  •         Lastly, be in prayer, as we wait on the Lord about His timing and will about opening a Siafu Home. A Siafu Home is basically a discipleship home where we would be able to work closely with a group of men who are being shaped for ministry. 

Exciting things right?! We also just finished a week long outreach in the park across the street from our church. It was full of gospel drama presentations and great conversations with all kinds of people from our neighborhood as we led up to our Easter service. It is so fun to serve God and be poured out for Him.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. Be blessed!

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Justice & Beniah Wolyn