Monday, February 1, 2016

Spiritual Parents

What a privilege it is to work in the city. We get to share with all kinds of people about the Good News of the abundant life offered through Jesus Christ. We also get to train people up in ministry – truly empowering them to become all that God has for them. Ever since our family moved into Los Angeles to plant churches with World Impact (7 years ago) we have held passionately to the biblical value of training up and empowering our own children as an integral part of our investment in others. Success in ministry will not come as a result of negligence at home. We invest in our children so they may know, love and serve Jesus. This is a real priority and we so appreciate your prayers for us as a family unit – for our ability to be good, godly parents that have hearts after God’s will.

As we invest in our children, God has given us a wonderful platform to minister to other children, families and singles training them up as well – in ministry, in family, in life. During a Sunday service our youngest fell asleep on Fabiola’s shoulder giving us a moment to sit back and soak in the wonder of it all.  The wonder of our children ministering alongside of us and how so many doors have been opened to us to be spiritual parents. Where we live and minister most people we encounter have never had anyone care for them or lead them in this way. As I (Chad) watched my son rest peacefully in his mother’s arms one of our emerging leaders preached the Word of God with great skill and passion
It was a special moment – one that we have been getting to enjoy more and more lately. As we cheered this new preacher on, we realized we are likely the only ones who know how much training, studying, praying, correction and encouragement went into preparing him for this moment. Only we know how many times he almost quit or how many times he had a spiritual breakthrough. As parents we change diapers, prepare meals and bring loving discipline, but also get to look on with pride and admiration at what God accomplishes through the process….whether they are fast asleep or proclaiming God’s Word from the front of the church. What an honor and privilege we have – thank you for being a part of building stronger families and communities – it’s a great long-term investment!     

Please pray for our youth. This month they will be going to Winter Camp. We have a good group going and pray for open hearts to what God wants to do in and through them. Pray that the impact would be long-term.

We are also planning a special Valentine’s Day Service where we are focusing on marriage, friendship and what God’s love looks like practically. Pray that as we pour into others we may first be an example of that love, marriage and friendship as a couple and secondly that all the right people would be there and have their hearts open to God’s loving instruction and affirmation. 
Thank you!

Privileged to be children of God serving in the city,

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Justice & Beniah Wolyn