Wednesday, November 28, 2018

FALL 2018

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We certainly are thankful for you and your prayers and support for this ministry.

We had a great Thanksgiving week – with four different events. Our newest event was caravanning 8 cars through South Los Angeles delivering 120 plates of food to the homeless living in the tent encampments. Many of the youth in our church have done this type of ministry before, but for many of the adults and children it was their first experience. Many commented on how their heart was broken and eyes were opened to the humanity of each person we briefly got to know. 
 Feeding the homeless.
Fabiola giving the welcome to one of our Thanksgiving dinner outreaches at the church. 
Some of the graduates from our Evangel: School of Church Planting that Chad taught at in October. In our two Evangel Schools this year we had people from Canada, Hong Kong, Michigan, Skid Row (Los Angeles), Fresno, Ontario (California), Nigeria, Malawi, Tanzania, Huntington Park (California), Norwalk (California), Miami (Florida), San Jacinta (California) and many from Los Angeles. Chad is now coaching several of these pastors as they prepare to launch their new churches and ministries. 
 Men’s Retreat / September 2018
 Women’s Retreat / October 2018
 Fuente KIDS (our children’s ministry) volunteers
 Youth sharing testimonies after returning from their youth camp. Some of our students help lead worship and were part of the drama team.
 Round Table Discussion: A special time of sharing stories about race, privilege and immigration to bring greater understanding and humanity to different people’s perspectives. 
 Our “Media Ministry” has been growing as we train up more people to work with digital media, sound and running the slides for our services.
 One of our community groups studying the Bible together.
 Gospel Concert in the Park! We joined up with another church in the community. We were responsible for giving the message in Spanish. Unified we will be able to reach and impact more people and see greater change in the community!
Christmas Toys Needed

Are you able to help us with our Toy Store? This annual event gives families from our church and community the opportunity to come buy a gift or two at deeply discounted prices (up to 75% off). This makes getting a special gift for their children more attainable, but still allows for them to feel the ownership and dignity of choosing and buying the gift themselves. There is a real special feel as our church really makes the space festive and hospitable and a group from our church does all the follow-up afterwards to help make a deeper connection for these families.

We need 100+ toys and gifts for boys and girls from 2 years – 18 years old. You can send or drop off gifts, order them online and have them delivered directly to us or send money and we’ll do the shopping. Please have money or gifts to us by December 14th at the very latest.

If you are able to give towards this need please send your gift to either to us personally or through our church (note this is different than our normal support giving sent to World Impact):

Chad and Fabiola Wolyn
2001 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Fuente para las Naciones
2001 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

 “Elves” busily wrapping gifts and parent’s shopping for toys and gifts at last years Toy Store (most of the toys and “shopping” is out of this picture’s frame).

Upcoming Events to keep in prayer:

December 15      Christmas Banquet
December 17      Fuente Toy Store
December 22      Youth Hike and Prayer for the City
January 9-15      Dominican Republic Mission Trip (see below for more info)
January 19          Academy of Music and Worship starts

Other Prayer Requests
1.      New church planters
Please pray for the following pastors/leaders we are coaching:
  •      Bayas and Melody
  •      Geovany and Jessica
  •      Alex
  •      Manuel
  •      Mario

2.      Rebecca @ High School
Our teenager, Rebecca, enters High School next year. Please pray she would be accepted into the best school. We have public, charter and private schools on our short list. Rebecca’s first choice is a private Christian college-prep school…please pray that we could get scholarships and be able to raise the extra funds for this to become a reality.

3.      Dominican Republic Trip
Please pray for our trip to the Dominican Republic to support a missionary friend there. We have wanted to lead a youth group to the DR for a mission’s trip and this opportunity has opened up for us to go and “scout out the land” while helping minister in churches and community centers and translate for a group from a partner church. The majority of this trip is paid for, but we do need to raise $1,400 for our travel expenses. If you are able to give towards this need please send your gift to either to us personally or through our church (note this is different than our normal support giving sent to World Impact):

                  Chad and Fabiola Wolyn
2001 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


Fuente para las Naciones
2001 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Fuente KIDS (Children’s Ministry): Where children learn the powerful truth of God. 

Thank you so much for praying, giving and loving!

It’s amazing what we can do together when we follow Jesus’ example.

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Justice and Beniah

If you want to send us a Christmas card / Personal contact info: 
mail: Chad and Fabiola Wolyn / 2001 S. Vermont Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90007 / email:
ph:  503 475-5548 (C) /  web:

Please send regular financial support to: World Impact / 2001 S. Vermont Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90007  (Please make check payable to “World Impact” and designate “WOLYN” on the memo)  OR   You may also GIVE ONLINE HERE. [giving address:]

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

We are in an exciting time in the ministry...we have been on the front lines for the last 9 years and have seen God do amazing thing - the most exciting is the many lives and families transformed by Jesus. 

As our sphere of influence continues to expand beyond the streets in our community to other areas of Los Angeles, other surrounding cities and beyond we are growing in our ability to hand-off and empower others to “go” and take on greater ownership and responsibility of their ministry and church.

What God is doing…
  •         New small groups are popping up
  •         We are seeing an increase in first time guests in our church
  •         There is a greater interest in evangelism and church planting
  •         Vision and faith for a greater impact beyond our community is growing
  •         New ministries are being formed
  •         The church is working as a team
  •         The youth are getting more involved in the day to day activities and ministry of the church

There is so much to tell, but we’ll just share a bit of what happened this last week where we celebrated mother’s and the youth led the Sunday service.

Pampering Mom’s – Annual Mother’s Day Celebration
Over 30 women came out to be pampered with great food, special gifts, a photo booth, manicures and makeovers. Their children were cared for – making special Mother’s Day crafts, playing and having lunch on their own. Fabiola gave a moving message on motherhood bring both laughter and tears.
More than half of the women were invited guests. Many either came back for the Sunday service or have jumped into a small group meeting at the houses of one of the ladies who invited them.

Youth-Led Sunday Service
Amazing! Literally everything from creating the bulletin and being greeters to ushering and leading worship – even the cleaning of the building afterwards was led by the youth. We were all moved and encouraged by the powerful words given by the students. Instead of 1 message – we had 4 short messages, each on a different woman of the Bible. The service was really honoring to all the mother’s, but really powerful to see the youth using their gifts to bless the whole church. The time preparing for this service was invaluable because it gave us and the youth leaders innumerable opportunities to come alongside and really guide and work with each student in the area they were serving. We now have several new children’s ministry volunteers and 3 new people to help run the media.

Rebecca (standing in front right) and some of her friends at winter camp.

Our oldest child, Rebecca is finishing up her 7th grade year and has some great news and an opportunity to share with you:

Hello, my name is Rebecca Wolyn and I am part of a leadership development program at my school and we are working on developing different areas of our leadership abilities. A couple of the things I am working on is growing in confidence and in speaking in front of others. Only 6 students from my school were selected to participate in this program. A really cool part of this program is that this summer I will be attending a trip to Washington DC. We will be flying to Washington DC and also visiting New York City and Philadelphia. While on this trip I will continue to be given tasks from planning to leading different parts of the trip to help develop me more as a leader. My hope is that I will then be able to help and lead others better. Me being a pastor’s daughter, I’ve always wanted to have an opportunity like this to be able to bring up my leadership skills and to become a leader at my church and school.

One thing you could do for me is to pray for me so that I can learn a lot of things in this program. You could also pray that I would be safe on my trip and that I’d be able to excel in what I do and become a better leader. I leave on Wednesday, June 20th and return on Thursday, June 28th.

My goal for this trip is to raise $525 and it would be more than amazing if you could help me reach my goal. I would truly love it if you could give anything. Can you help me out by supporting me with a gift that will help support me as I take this next step towards my goal of becoming a stronger leader?

Thank you! God bless.

If you would like to give to help Rebecca with this amazing opportunity, please send you checks through our normal missionary support:

Please make check payable to “World Impact” and
designate “Rebecca Wolyn, DC Leadership” on the memo

Send to:
World Impact
2001 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007


You may also GIVE ONLINE HERE.

Also, if you are planning on praying for her I’m sure it would bless her to get a little note or know who is lifting her up through the end of her school year and into this trip. You can mail her directly at:

Rebecca Wolyn
2001 S. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90007

or I can print out any emails you want to send to her at

Upcoming Events please be in prayer…
·        Evangel Church Planting School (May 31-June 2) – We are hoping for over 20 new church plant teams to come through our school…several of which we will be personally coaching throughout the planting process over the course of the year.
·        Men’s outreach and family picnic (Father’s Day celebration) (June 16)
·        Rebecca’s Leadership Trip to East Coast  (June 20-28)  see above letter from Rebecca
·        Youth Camping Trip (June 22-23)
·        Summer Camps for grades 1-3, 4-6, 7-12 (July 1-6, July 17-20, July 29-Aug 3)
·        LA Mission Trip (July 12-18)

Thank you for lifting us up in prayer. We need it! It is always a blessing to hear from you – we do pray for you as well. As you move into summer may God continue to be your light, your refreshment and your joy.


Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Justice and Beniah

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lifeboat Rescuing Continues - Fall 2017

“The Church used to be a lifeboat rescuing the perishing.
Now she is a cruise ship recruiting the promising.”
 — Leonard Ravenhill
Our heart is to keep sending out as many rescue missions as possible…not wanting anyone to perish. We each have our niche and strategy as we daily walk through life being light and offering the hope of Christ to the world. Our niche is the city, the streets and alleys and broken-down shanty structures people call home in the center of one of the richest cities in the world. We jump at every opportunity to Go and Do…all while we are Being the Church.

It is exciting seeing people give their lives to Jesus and His mission. It is thrilling as we catch the eye of the people alongside us who now are in their own lifeboats – joining in on this mission – folks who we rescued from the murky water not long ago, precious people who we’ve helped come to know the Lord…giving their lives to do the same thing – helping more people know and experience Jesus.

Thank you for joining us in our heart 4 the city through prayer, encouragement and financial support – our church and the ministry beyond may not be filled with the richest or best educated, but we do see the face of Jesus and definitely see Him working in and through us. 

UPDATESWe were able to impact over 100 people during Thanksgiving. We especially give thanks to all the people who donated time, money and food to allow us to serve so many good meals and hand out so many groceries for the people in our community. It is fun and humbling to see eyes lighten up and shoulders relax when we are able to help families in need with some extra food and an invitation to join us for a hot meal. 

We have much to be thankful for…here are just a few things:
·       No More Cancer?
Edvin, the teen boy that has been fighting cancer, is just about done with his rounds of chemotherapy. He has been doing great and the images we’ve seen show drastic reduction of cancer in his body. Let’s keep praying, but what a blessing to see and hear the improvement.

·       Leadership team getting strongerWe were impressed when we returned from sabbatical at how well the leadership and the church overall had done, but now that we are back we get to see and be part of intentionally guiding even more growth and maturing. We are anticipating even greater things through this leadership team in 2018!

·       New Community Group started and growing

·       Great team of children’s ministry volunteers at our church
We had a full house during our powerful 3-hour training which was full of so many great ideas and a passion to impact our community. We desire to be and are working towards providing one of the best children’s ministries in our community – which is a very big need (many broken families, unreached segment of the population and other churches have no children’s ministries). It is through the children’s ministry that we believe many of our leaders will be trained up and released to do even greater ministry.
Pictured: Our two children’s ministry classes.

·       Rebecca being celebrated for her birthday.
Our firstborn is now 12 and our church really made her (and us) feel special by pouring out love and attention for her on her birthday.
·       Fabiola teaching 7th grade Bible at Los Angeles Christian School (LACS)It has been an exciting time for Fabiola to dig deeper into the Word of God and equip and encourage these young people for Christ.
Pictured: A past group of 7th graders from LACS at a Christmas party.

Toy Drive: We Really Need Your Help
Can you help us bless children in our community with toys this year? We need toys for boys and girls for all ages from 2-18. You can purchase the toys and drop them off (if your local), order them online and have them shipped to us (Chad Wolyn / 2001 S. Vermont Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90007) or send us money and we can buy the toys ourselves. (If you send money please let us know that it is for toys so that it doesn’t go to our personal missionary support.) All donations need to be received by Saturday, December 16. Our goal is to bless 100 children!

Upcoming Events
·        Urban Church Association Pastor’s Christmas Dinner, Dec. 7
·        Our Identity in Christ Conference, December 8-10
·        Christmas Banquet, December 16
·        Christmas Toy Store, December 18

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

Together we can be the lifeboat and help sent out even more lifeboats as we bring meaning, purpose and eternal life to people that otherwise may never know our Mighty God.

Wishing you the merriest of Christmases!

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Justice and Beniah

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Spring 2017

We apologize for not getting these updates out as frequently. This week we begin our sabbatical and there have been a lot of layers of responsibility to shed, people to train-up and things to put into place for our successful transition out of ministry for the next 3 months.

Before we head off to refresh and be renewed in extended times of being filled up by God we wanted to give thanks to everyone for your prayers, encouragement and financial support as well as give thanks to God for all the amazing things He has done not only over the last 8 years in ministry here in Los Angeles, but specifically over these last months. You’ll find lots of pictures and short updates and testimonies below. Please be in prayer for our family as we reflect and recharge as well as for the ministry in Los Angeles for these next 3 months.

Praise Report! Thank you so much to everyone who gave financially and has been praying. 100% of the extra expenses we needed to raise for of our sabbatical have been provided! (More information about the sabbatical, prayer requests and God’s provision at the end of this update.)


Youth Winter Retreat

Our youth leaders, Hugo & Yuri, led 18 youth to winter camp back in February. Soon they will be leading a couple more groups for summer camps. 
Camp is a lot of fun (this year laser tag was a big favorite), but it is also a place of rest, reconnecting with God and team building. 
The youth were encouraged to shine their light (share their faith and love for Jesus with others) and let go of pain, doubt, guilt and other things that might hold them back. Since camp most of the youth have participated in a major way during all our outreaches; they have even done some on their own. They have just formed a student leadership team as well to figure out new ways they can be light in the dark hallways of their schools or in their communities and even own homes. 

Immigration Talks

Working with and amongst immigrants during a time when immigration has been such a hot topic has opened more opportunities to share the love and compassion of Christ to our community. We had a really special time having a round table discussion with a college ministry from the suburbs. The college group left enlightened and those that participated from our church really left feeling humanized and heard. We hope to do more things like this to bridge the divide that often spans between cultural and socio-economic groups (even within the Church).

Women’s Breakfast Outreach

God put it on Araceli’s heart to reach out to the women at the rehabilitation home located squarely between her home and church, the one she passes by every day. 
That was the beginning of what became a special women’s breakfast and service. The gospel was preached, many new women came out and were encouraged.
Araceli was able to grow in her leadership abilities and got many other women from the church involved!

Building Deeper Bonds

For the third year we were able to team up with one of our old youth leader’s youth groups. Jim took a job in Northern California, but brings a group of teens down to reach out, serve and learn from the people and issues of the city. This year it was extra special because we were able to host the team at our church having them camp out in the various classrooms and then host the outreach services at our church as well – providing a better connection between Jim’s group, our church and the community we want to reach for Jesus. 

AdAM (Worship & Music Academy)

From the start of the year until Easter we trained up new musicians as well as taught some worship classes in drama and dance to a group of about 15 children, youth and adults.

Easter Week (Vacation Bible School Outreach/Work Project)

For eight years we have spent every week leading up to Easter putting on a special Vacation Bible School in the park for anyone and everyone from the community to come out and participate. We have worked closely with the Department of Recreation and Parks and The Kings Academy for most of those years. 
The Sunday prior to Easter we generally start with an orientation and introduction to the community and planning/prep time for the week. We hand out nearly 1000 fliers door to door and then for four days the fun begins. We get to know the kids and their families. We shower them with love and teach them the gospel through song, drama, story, crafts and just practically demonstrating it. 
We still know many of the families – some are part of our church and some are not – from many years ago. We served over 250 hot dogs at our lunch on the last day and two of our youth shared the gospel in both Spanish and English from the stage, which was a huge highlight seeing them shine their light brightly for God in their own community. 
A few youth from The Kings Academy also blessed us by putting in a wood edge barrier and new flowers in the church’s garden to make things extra special for our Easter service. 

Good Friday

For Good Friday the youth group hosted the showing of the movie “Ben Hur” for the community… they ran concessions and child care and after the movie one of our leaders, Jorge, gave a powerful altar call leading many first time visitors to call out to God in tears.

Easter Sunday

Our drama and dance teams each presented something special to celebrate Easter. 
We also had baptisms.
Every Easter there are several people that show up with hollowed out eggs full of baby powder and confetti – which after the service people run around smashing on each other’s heads…which is great fun to watch, but a mess to clean up! 😊

Beniah and Fabiola celebrate birthdays

Fabiola celebrating another year of life. 

Beniah and his sister Rebecca (11) and brother Justice (9) on his 3rd birthday. 


We had our fourth wedding at our church Fuente. Luis and Veronica have recently given their lives to Jesus. They were invited to church by Luis’ brother and have made radical changes in their lives. One of these areas of change and obedience was to get married. They planned every aspect of their wedding to bring glory and honor to God and to help their family and friends hear and respond to the Gospel. It was a touching ceremony full of worship and many of the non-believers present commented on how impactful the ceremony was, yet just about everyone also added a phrase similar to this: “…but what especially has impacted me is to see how Luis and Veronica have changed so much recently."
Praying for the groom before the ceremony
The presentation of the bride

Fabiola part of leadership team helping to lead Day of Prayer and Fasting at World Impact 

Fabiola has been serving as part of a team that has been organizing our quarterly days of prayer and fasting as a missionary community. These are special days where all other ministry stops and where we seek God and intercede for our communities and ministries. Both of us love being involved in transforming communities and having an impact that goes beyond just our neighborhood or church.

Visit from Intern Misty

Misty originally came down to Los Angeles as a part of her high school youth group mission trip to work with us when we first began outreach and hadn’t yet started a church. She was so impacted by the experience that she asked to return on her own for a summer internship. She lived with our family for a summer and helped us start a children’s ministry and a youth outreach. It was great having her back in Los Angeles for a short visit.

Pampering Mom’s – 3rd Annual Mother’s Day Outreach

Just before Mother’s Day we hosted our 3rd annual “Pampering Mom’s” event. 
Each event has brought out new people and strengthened relationships. 
There was much relaxed and yet deep conversation and plenty of laughter too.
Fabiola preached to the women, they received manicures, took some fun pictures, received special goodie bags and had a great lunch while their children and grandchildren were making special Mother’s Day crafts and having a blast. 

Child Dedication

We realized that we had not dedicated Beniah to the Lord officially in any context, which is something we did with Rebecca and Justice when they were newborns and really love to do for other families at church. Seeing an opportunity to publicly dedicate him at our church and train-up our newly installed elders we asked them to help us put on a small dedication service. It was special on so many levels: as a parent realizing what an awesome privilege and responsibility it is to be call “Daddy”, as pastor watching new leaders shine and having my heart hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant,” on their behalf, and receiving the love and support as we immerse ourselves fully in this community whom we have given everything to knowing that we are living out our lives as examples, as real broken people blessed and used by God.

Adopt-An-Apartment Complex

Paloma Terrace is a new apartment complex with 58-units designated for low-income families that was built this last year 2 blocks from our church. We have developed a great relationship with the management and along with a supporting church put together a BBQ and special family fun time: carnival games, live worship music playing in the courtyard, face painting, crafts and more. 
We were able to let people know about our church – many were interested as they are new to the community they don’t know what is available to them. We will also be able to connect further with some of these families through our food box ministry (visiting them and bringing them a box of food staples every week for a season). 

These outreaches are healthy for our growing church family to get out and see how they can use their time, talent and finances to make a difference in their community. Each time we do something we hear from somebody within our own church that is impacted, challenged or awoken to the need of their neighbors…moving us closer to really see this ministry reproduce itself.

Vandalism. Break In.  And other Van Problems.

There has been an increase in vandalism to our church property and community, various attempts to rob things and our own family van was broken into during a youth service while parked right outside of the front door. 
One car parked outside the church was tagged up, scratched and had every window broken, evidently gang retaliation.

During the break-in of our van, the door handle and other components inside were broken not to mention everything stolen. Then while moving items for an outreach our windshield was broken. Minor things, but annoying!
The plan was to use our van this summer during our sabbatical as we need to travel some, BUT now we have the dreaded “Check Engine” light frowning at us. We took it into two different mechanics to find out it is a transmission problem – the replacement cost would be several times the value of the vehicle so we are now needing a new vehicle. This van has been such a blessing – it really helps move the 5 of us around, but we also use it constantly for ministry trips and rides, helping people move, setting up for outreaches, etc. Thankfully we have been blessed by a friend and ministry partner to be able to use her ministry passenger van for the summer to get us around. Meanwhile we are working on saving funds, raising more donations and praying for a solution for when we return to Los Angeles…because we will need a working van.

***If you have a mini-van or something comparable that you would like to donate to us or if you would like to help us raise the funds to buy a van please let us know! Special donations can be sent directly to our missionary account, just let us know it is for “Wolyn Van” so we can set that aside for this need.

Wolyn Sabbatical

Our plans for sabbatical are:
-Lots of rest!
Time away from our normal day to day activities allowing us to renew, restore, and strengthen.

-Uninterrupted family time.

-Two retreats:

First an intentional time of prayer, reflection and guided processing with trained professionals for two weeks at a retreat center in Colorado.

Second a Christian family camp in California where we can continue to be poured into while having lots of fun together as a family creating memories.

Again, thank you for all the generous support that helped make both of these retreats, the travel and this entire sabbatical season possible. 

Please Pray with Us…

1.     An amazing time of refreshing and renewal on sabbatical. That God would accomplish all His purposes in us first as His children, then as His servants. {Sabbatical is from June 9-September 9}

2.     For the elders of the church as they lead every aspect of the ministry in our absence. Pray for wisdom, strength, unity and a deepening heart for the people and even a clarity in their ministry calling.

3.     For the families and individuals – some who are going through real hard times right now – to press into Jesus and grow in their faith while we are away. We are believing for and ask that you would join us in prayer for a very noticeable spiritual and numerical growth in the church while we are away. We love that God would show His power and prove to all of us it has nothing to do with us, but that He is the one who ministers through us – using anyone or anything at any time.

4.     For summer camps. Hugo & Yuri are in charge of running these.
          Grades 4-6      July 2-7
          Grades 7-12    July 9-14
          Grades 1-3      July 18-21

Thank you so much for standing with us! We feel loved and blessed to be a part of your life in some way and to be able to partner for such an amazing cause – restoring communities, salvation for the lost and empowering the urban poor. 

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Justice and Beniah