Sunday, September 15, 2013

Giving Life

God is the Author of life…but isn’t it amazing how He has given us the ability to be such a huge part of the giving of life?  We personally are amazed at the role we get to play.  Speaking a kind word to a homeless man, exhorting a mother who is struggling at home, spending time with a youth that hasn’t been connecting with any of his classmates or even his own family, preaching the gospel on a Sunday full of first time visitors…..oh, and at least one other way (see the prayer requests to see what we mean.) 

As God infuses us with life, we are able to pour out and share that life with others.  Life leads to growth; dead things can’t grow.  It is fun growing up in God, being more fruitful and sharing this life!


Day of Prayer & Fasting
Every three months we clear off a day and come together as a church to pray and fast together.  We spend the evening worshiping God and calling out to Him so that we can grow deeper in our passion and intimacy with Him, so that we can grow closer and more unified as a church body and so that others might know Him.

It was powerful this month having several of the new Christians in our church lead out in some short, but powerful prayer times.  There is hunger (no pun intended) for more of these times!

Music Clinic & Adam
Our Academy of Worship & Music (Academia de Alabanza y Música or ADAM for short) is off to a great start.  We have 12 people involved and more interested.  It is exciting seeing the youth and adults go deeper in their understanding of what it means to worship God – it has already had an impact on our corporate worship times. 

This month we also had a special half-day music clinic where children, youth and adults came out and learned more about how to play the keyboard (like the three girls pictured), the guitar, drum set and bass. 
Please Pray with Us…

ü  Men’s Retreat September 20-22
Chad and a group of men from our church plant will be heading up to World Impact men’s retreat for the weekend.   The men are excited and have made sacrifices to be able to attend. 

Please pray that the Holy Spirit would forever change us all - growing us closer to Him and to one another. 

ü  Chad Preaching in Chicago September 23-24
Chad will be sharing his heart for the city and passion for the lost and church planting with the student body of Judson University outside of Chicago.
Pray that student’s would be stirred to passionate service for the Kingdom of God and that the Holy Spirit would use this time to minister deeply to the student body and faculty. 

While Chad, or at times the whole family, needs to be away for different aspects of the ministry it opens up exciting times for other’s in the church to step-up into newer areas of ministry.

One of the youth made an observation last week saying, “the church has really changed since I arrived…everyone is stepping up their game and serving more than ever.”  We would agree that month by month we are seeing people take more ownership of their church and of living out the great commandment (to love God and others) and great commission (to share Jesus with others).

ü  Big News! Baby
While we are super excited to be laying out the red carpet for our third child it isn’t without some ‘not fun at all’ morning sickness.

Please pray for the health of our baby and for Fabiola to feel better. 

Our third child waving at you from the womb saying, “Thank you for your prayers!”

  • The baby’s due date is mid-March
  • Chad turns a bit wiser on September 28
  • Justice gets a little taller (he will be 6) on October 4 

ü  Finances
This month we broke through 75% and are near 85%.  Thank you for your prayers and gifts!

In Christ we have life! 
Thank you for partnering together with us to share that life with those in deep need.
Here is to many more salvations, lives changed and hope restored in this coming month – through our prayers, and our actions!
Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca and Justice