Thursday, June 9, 2022


Summary: God has been blessing the ministry with many new people trained and sent out as church planters and workers amongst the broken throughout Los Angeles and the world. We also have a big financial need for our kid’s schooling so please see how you can help at the end of this letter. THANKS!




Church Plant Schools

So far this year we have already run two Evangel Church Plant Schools with 16 people representing at least 8 cities in at least 5 countries. We say at least because several teams are already thinking and praying about the church plant that will come out of their church plant (babies and grandbabies). 

Formerly incarcerated, now planting churches for God and standing up to the cartel to defend his community. 

Some of the individuals we were able to train and send out as church planters in Mexico (from Veracruz, Sinaloa, and Baja California).
Also spent some time in jail and grew up in Southern California, but after being deported is now making a difference in Mexico as a strong role model and church planter. 
A church plant team at our Evangel School in Mexico begins to strategically map out their plan to reach a new community for Christ. 

One of the teams plans on starting a new church in the jungles of Costa Rica where they need to reach the communities by horseback or 4-wheel drive.

9 New Deans in Mexico & Central America

Dean Training is training key leaders how to run their own Church Plant School. We know that we can’t possibly train everyone ourselves, so we partner with pastors and leaders with the vision to plant many churches and train them to be trainers of our Evangel Church Plant School.

Between a trip to Mexico in March and an online training with pastors from Central America we have trained 9 pastors as deans so far this year. The earliest school that will be run through these leaders is in August in El Salvador.

One of the deans we trained up a couple years ago, Javier, has already hosted several schools. This year he finished one in Columbia and has just started another in Florida. Javier planted a church in Florida and just handed that church off successfully so that he could move to Ohio to start another church. While he is building relationships in Ohio, he is still reaching back to train others in Florida how to plant so that there can be even more churches in his old state. 

Our three church plant teams from Central America on our Zoom training.

Trauma Ministry Expanding

So far this year we have trained 65 people from 10 countries as facilitators or trainers in Trauma Healing ministry. That is up from 38 people from 6 countries all of 2021, and 17 people from 2 countries in 2020 and we are only halfway through the year with people in cue waiting for advanced trainings in Spanish.

I want to share a bit of a correspondence with one of our African brothers:

My warm greetings to you Sir, 

I was so proud of receiving the certificate. Today I introduced it to my collegue pastor then he suggested to form the trauma healing ministry which might be very helpful to our parish and community because the people who are suffering from trauma are a lot due to civil war which has been occured in our country. He has even chosen the psychologist who will be my assistant so I would like to request your prayer so that God can make it fruitful. 

I will be giving the report when we start.

Thank you for everything.

Then a little later this same brother in Christ wrote of his first Healing Group, "I would like to let you know that I have started the first session on trauma healing. It was wonderful, God has been with us."

Here is a picture from another healing group that was formed as a result of our training in a different part of Africa:

Testimony Gathering of the Previously Incarcerated

“Were you on the inside?”, asked the gentleman standing in front of me as we waited for our burgers at the In-N-Out truck serving our lunch. “No," I responde, "but I love to go into the prisons and jails and share Jesus!" The gentleman gave me a strong slap on the back and said, “Thank you, I was in for over 20-years, but now I’m out and getting my bearings and want to shine for Jesus…it’s amazing being here with so many guys and gals that have been locked up like me and who love Jesus like me!”

What a powerful time to hear story after story of deliverance and re-established purpose for people that once were locked up (many with life sentences) who now run ministries, write books, teach classes, pastor churches and live healthy, productive lives.

Through our TUMI seminary classes (The Urban Ministry Institute) which we offer inside (and outside) prisons and jails we have built a great network and family of people throughout the state of California and beyond. It is an honor to be a small part of some of these relationships and to be able to look for ways to provide the encouragement, resources and support they may need to make an even bigger impact.

You can watch a little more about this ministry partner and event here:


Fuente Church & Community

Yard Sales continue to be an effective and practical way to help fund the church ministry to the community, bless the community with good, affordable items and build community contacts. Fequently people come and share their life stories and pains and walk away with prayer, a Bible, and an invitation to be a part of what God is doing in and through Fuente.

Our Good Friday, Easter and Mother’s Day outreaches were a bit smaller than in years past because our volunteer base shrunk some during COVID, but we still had good turn outs of new people to hear the Gospel and receive prayer.

This summer we will be watching Season 1 of the series, “The Chosen”, (in Spanish) and walking through life application in small groups. Our hope is we will all walk away more in love with Jesus and more aware of who we are in Christ as the chosen, activating our faith in greater ways. This series will allow us to reactivate our lay leaders for in-person ministry times after being limited to Zoom meetings for the last season.

Home Front

We praise God that we have not had any recent problem with fires, theft, stalkers, or vandalism for many months now.

We are still in ‘limbo’ living in a partially packed home (for 1.5 years now) awaiting everything at the house we are moving to (several blocks away) to be finished being repaired and readied for our move. We hoped to be moved in by the end of summer, but at this time it is looking less likely…so maybe mid-fall???

Prayer Needs

1.     Provision for children’s schooling. ($12,800 needed)

2.     Grace, provision, God’s timing on move to missionary housing. (We would love to be moved in by start of school, but also want house to be ready and not a construction zone.)

3.     Covering for all the amazing people we have been able to get to know, train, encourage and send out.


Thank you for cheering us on and partnering with us.

May Christ be known in the darkest, hardest of places from the city streets to the jail to the many other countries God is putting before us!

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Angela, Justice and Beniah 


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Thank you for your love and support. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

During a year full of so many challenges we hope you are able to see the goodness and majesty of God. We have certainly had to stop and lean in numerous times this year because things have been hard, but we continue to marvel at His faithfulness, power and overall goodness. We share this update with hopes you will join us in prayer, but also in celebration for what God has done, is doing and will continue to do!


It all started with our neighbor sending us a video of a homeless man smoking meth while sitting on our chair in the enclosed patio area right outside our kitchen – while we were home. We didn’t notice him, but our neighbor chased him out. Our neighbor was keeping an eye out since this same intruder had attempted to steal our neighbor’s motorcycle the day before. Since then, he has come back more times than we can count (usually at least daily), threatened us with a knife and a machete.

The police have come numerous times and there is now a restraining order against him. Fabiola has prayed for him, and we have tried to talk to him, but sadly he is not well and does not want to be part of a program that could offer him help. When the police came one night after the machete incident, they couldn’t find the 2-foot blade that he had hid while the police were enroute – but the next day we found it buried in the planter space outside our neighbor’s door. He continues to pound on doors at 3am in the morning, use the bathroom and do drugs on our property.

We have had a few prayer meetings with our neighbors on the property. We have installed cameras, motion lights, locks and have the police and neighbors involved too. Everyone is on edge and not feeling super confident or comfortable coming and going – especially at night when we just don’t know if he’ll be waiting outside the door or behind a car.

Here is a video of the intruder escaping while the police were looking on the side of the yard. (12 seconds)
The police were only able to find a smaller knife and drugs on him, but later we located the machete he used to threaten us with (before we retreated indoors) hidden in the space outside the front door. [Not sure why it looks so much smaller in the photo.]
The morning after being arrested he returned to look for the machete he had buried. (8 seconds)
This was from last night...(on right side) (16 seconds)


Some have asked how the fire situation continues…well, we did have a major fire incident last week, but thankfully the fire department was very quick to respond with two engines. With the weather getting cooler and darker we smell the fires burning more and more once again. We appreciate your prayers for safety.


CHURCH PLANTING – 100s of Churches for 2022

We had an international church planting school planned to help train key leaders from Bangladesh, India and some other nations in Africa and Asia, but it has proven very difficult for them to get visas right now with COVID still lingering. There is great need and great interest, and we continue building and training online, but pray for opportunities in the coming year for this gathering.

COVID also made us adapt our plan for a school in Mexico for this month, but we plan on being there in March to train up key leaders to lead their own church planting schools. They have a goal to plant 500 churches throughout Mexico and Latin America.

Continue to pray for Pastor Javier who I have been coaching as he has been working with 10 churches in Columbia as he trains them using the Evangel School of Church Planting that we did with him. We believe next there will be even more multiplication through him and his growing network!

A small network of churches reached out to us this last month looking for help bringing their churches that are over 75 years old and started in the city but have not been growing. It is such a privilege to come alongside and provide resources and teaching that can help plant or rebirth churches and ministries.


TRAUMA HEALING – A Growing Need; A Growing Network

I have just finished training 3 groups of new Trauma Healing Group Facilitators. These are 9-week courses that equip key leaders who will lead healing groups in their churches or ministries. It is encouraging to see how impactful this material is and how our community network is growing. Two of these groups were in Spanish with people across the US, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the other in English. Three of our facilitators are working on their advanced training (about a year-long process) and soon will be able to help us grow our reach even more as they can co-facilitate these trainings with us.

We already have several exciting groups lined up for the start of 2022 and plan on one of them training key leaders in much of French-speaking Africa.


REDEMPTIVE POVERTY WORK – No More Toxic Charity Work

In this holiday season a lot more attention tends to be given to giving and serving especially those in need which is great, but here at World Impact we have learned a lot over the years and are working on helping others understand that there are both helpful and harmful ways to help. We are having great conversations with churches big and small, rural, suburban, and urban about how we can help in a way that empowers and doesn’t hurt…this framework is called Redemptive Poverty Work. It is moving beyond ‘charity’, shifting our mindset from rescue to advocacy towards empowerment. If you are interested in knowing more for yourself or for a group (small group, church, missions team, etc.) let me know and I can send you some material or set up a time to dive even deeper. The last thing we want to do is offer help that makes things worse.


FUENTE CHURCH – Real Community; Real Impact

Our church continues to re-establish itself in the community that has been hit hard by COVID. Most families lost jobs, have been sick and have not fully recovered. We have provided a lot of physical resources thanks to churches and organizations (and individuals) that have partnered with us. We also take very seriously our call to minister spiritually and have started some new small groups in the community and are working on new ideas and outreaches to the community for 2022. For Thanksgiving we have given away over 100 meals and for Christmas, while we won’t have the huge production that we usually have we will be working with a handful of families to pour out blessings on them.


OUR CHILDREN – Our Co-Laborers and First Ministry 

Rebecca is a junior and on the Ministry Team and playing varsity softball.

Angela just got on the basketball team at her school, she is a sophomore. She is also doing a work internship at our church where gradually she is learning different practical skills that will help her in future job opportunities.

Justice was in his first play, Our Town, and is on the JV soccer team and really loving high school; he is a freshman.

Beniah is reading a lot and drawing great pictures and making comic books. He keeps us all smiling as he tells us all that he loves us constantly. He is in 2nd grade.



Happy Thanksgiving! We are blessed to serve Jesus and be able to do it with you!

Thank you,

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Angela, Justice and Beniah 

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Homeless Fires

More than 6 major fires have occurred in the small, neglected area behind our home this past year. Irresponsible maintenance and burning practices have led to explosions, fires burning out of control, toxic fumes, and damaged property.

Our neighbors all got out our garden hoses to try to keep our property safe while we waited for the fire department to arrive. They can shoot water down from the freeway at the brush. 

The accumulation of trash behind our house.

In these pictures (above and below) you can see the part of 3 little homes and a fire burning at the homeless encampment. 

A few weeks ago, we gathered a group of neighbors together to clean-up the area behind our homes. This space has always been used by the homeless as it is a small, sheltered, green strip of land between the I-10 freeway and our homes, but since Covid-19 it has become a dangerous encampment full of human waste, rodents, drug paraphernalia and maybe most concerning fires. We have gotten to know some of our ‘neighbors’ with mostly positive interactions, but there is more and more traffic and harder to find ways to minister and still keep a healthy boundary for our family.


Over the last year you never know when you will have to run out and fight a fire…these fires burn down fences, trees, bushes, and garbage. We have had to go out with fire extinguishers and hoses to fight back the flames. The fire department knows us well.


We were part of an effort to get the local and state government representatives and other agencies response (i.e., the land belongs to Caltrans). We were able to get the local councilman to help and are working on more permanent solutions. We are very sympathetic to the needs of those without homes, but also want to make sure our homes are safe.


We had a workday to clean up some of the mess and quickly filled a large dumpster and 3 dump truck hauls. We had the LA Times out taking pictures and interviewing us. If you are interested in reading the article you can see it here: (mention of our clean up and a small quote are at the very end of the article). 

The LA Times article paints the picture of the larger problem affecting all of Los Angeles. There are something like 24 fires a day caused by the homeless (usually for cooking or to stay warm). That smoke daily comes into our home. The article states that 54% of the fires the fire department responds to are caused by homeless. This article stirred up coverage both on our local TV news channels and public radio. 

L.A. Times reporter interviews some of the people at our clean-up.

L.A. Time photographer captures some of the clean-up effort as detailed in the article.

While we don't have any easy solutions, we are continuing to search for God's heart on how we can love our neighbors on 'both sides of the fence'. Helping to organize clean-up efforts blessed both those with and those without homes (and was a good opportunity to meet more of our neighbors). Now we ask you to join us in praying for continued safety, wisdom and favor as well as for creativity in ways we can truly help those without homes to find places for them to thrive and connect with our God who dearly loves them. 

Lastly, THANK YOU so much to those who have helped us with our children's tuition! They are all excited and humbled by the outpouring of help. We are almost halfway to our goal, so if you haven't given yet there is still a need and opportunity. Let us know. Thanks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

We hope you are doing well as we begin to peek our heads out after such a crazy season. We wanted to share some ministry highlights and ask for some specific prayer and support (with a special letter from Justice at the end).





Evangel School of Urban Church Planting: Training pastors, leaders and their teams to plant churches.

  • We are currently leading 7 teams through a 5-week course to help them start new churches.
  • We have 28 in attendance from all over Southern California and a group from Indianapolis. 

Dean School: Training ministry leaders how to use Evangel to train-up and send out more church planters.


While we love leading the Evangel School we can only run 2-4 or these school per year and so we are beginning to do more training of trainers.


·       We gathered 25 teams of movement and denominational leaders and trained them how to run their own church planting schools (so they can each run 2-4 schools per year).


It was inspiring to see all parts of the US represented. There are such diverse challenges in urban ministry related to poverty, racial injustices, political and social dynamics of city life, immigration issues and so much more that each city and ministry is learning to respond to in their own way. Our focus is the Bible and church planting which touch on all these issues in some way. It is great to ‘sit in the room’ with folks as they wrestle through practical and spiritual ways to transform communities and reach more people for Jesus. 

[Pictured some of the individuals and teams present at our last Dean School]

  • There were also at least 6 countries represented (Bangladesh, Canada, Haiti, India, Kenya and Liberia).

This is especially exciting because while we responded to a call to the urban poor and the cities of the US twelve years ago when we moved to Los Angeles, we have never lost our heart and passion for the nations and still believe – and are starting to see this more and more – that we can reach the nations and make an impact on the world through this ministry. 


Healing Groups: Leading small groups of people through groups and even mini classes to help Biblically equip them to move through trauma to healing.

  • We began leading these groups online during COVID and this has expanded our reach across state and national lines.
  • We have led groups with people in at least 4 different countries recently.
  • We have taken people from our children’s school, our church, pastors, and churches we know and people that have been referred to us all over the US.

Initial & Advanced Trainings: Training trainers to lead healing groups in their own context.

Expanding our efforts to help more people we continue to train the trainer.

Using this wonderful tool, we have trained:

·       ministry leaders,

·       pastors,

·       counselors,

·       therapists,

·       missionaries and

·       many others

helping them launch this powerful ministry in their church, ministry or practice.

It is so rewarding for me to cheer others on and provide support as they go through their process of training. For example, there are two ladies that I trained (from Los Angeles) a few months back that I was able to pair up with another lady from Pennsylvania so that they could put on their first Trauma Healing Group. I helped them prepare their materials, schedules, invitations, etc. and have been cheering them on this last month as they come back with great testimonies of what God is doing through them in this group. They now have people in their group that see the power and potential of these groups and want to be trained to be facilitators too.


Fabiola has been very busy and has started 5 community groups (Bible studies) reaching out to the families, youth and women of the church. From that we have seen several new decisions (salvations) and some baptisms that we celebrated on Easter. 

Financial Support Needs…



We are so thankful and excited that Justice will be joining his sister at her high school next year. This school has been so life giving for her and we know Justice will flourish there too. Scholarships and financial aid make this possible cutting the price way down, but they both need to make up another $3,270 to be fully funded for the year. Please let us know if God puts it on your heart to bless one or both of them.


Also, the school that Beniah (our youngest) goes to just became independent of World Impact so we will no longer get the same benefit that we have had all these years as missionaries. That additional and unplanned cost will be $2,795 for this coming school year.


Justice will be graduating from 8th grade on June 10th and is his classes valedictorian! We couldn’t be prouder. He has written you a letter below:


Dear Friends and Family, 

Hello! I wanted to thank those of you who have cheered me and my family on over the last 12 years we’ve been in Los Angeles helping people. I’m 13 now and almost ready to graduate from 8th grade. I am excited that I got into my first choice high school which is pretty hard to get into. I had to go to a professional interview and answer tough questions. They were similar to the ones I practiced for a month and a half as I worked on getting ready. I also worked really hard on an essay and applied for a scholarship.


Even though I got some great help through the scholarship I have learned that it is good (but hard) to be willing to share my need with others to help complete the costs of my first year. My new school has so much more technology, a huge campus, exciting classes and many more opportunities than I have had before at my old school or throughout my life. Next year I can’t wait to try out some of the electives they offer. I am signing up for Drama and also Filmmaking this year. This high school is really focused on helping us get ready for college and beyond and will help me continue my Christian education. We learn New Testament in the first year and then Old Testament after that and then I’m not sure what happens yet.


So, maybe you can tell I’m excited. I’ll be on campus with my sister too so I can keep an eye on her. I wanted to let you know because some of you were praying, but also so you can celebrate and maybe give towards my education. Thank you!


With Care,



It does my heart good to hear and watch (and help) Justice grow up – especially as he now gets to experience new things and enter new places to expand his horizons and opportunities.

Would you be willing to give to help us off-set some of our extra schooling costs?

All of our children have maintained straight A’s through the last crazy year of online learning and hybrid school. We believe this would be a great investment into the future!

 Justice    $3,270

Rebecca  $3,270

Beniah   $2,795


If you would be willing to give any amount towards this extra cost to help us give Justice a great start to his high school and future or help Rebecca and Beniah continue their schooling, please send a check to:


Chad & Fabiola Wolyn

2001 S. Vermont Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90007


(Note that if giving for our schooling need this is not tax-deductible. If it is more convenient to give online through Venmo, Paypal or Zelle let us know. Thank you!) 

[Justice, when presented with balloons and the news that he was accepted to the high school of his choice.]

[Pictures of Beniah’s class coming back to school for in person learning and receiving Student of the Quarter at the awards ceremony online.]

Thank you for reading and walking with us. Please let us know if there are ways we can pray for you or expand our partnership. We want to continue empowering, teaching, training and raising up “the least of these” to make a lasting Kingdom impact on the world.

God’s richest blessings to you,

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Angela, Justice and Beniah

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Merry Christmas!

What a year. While this year was nothing like what we anticipated, there is no doubt God is able to use bad situations and hard times and turn them into good and beautiful things.

We continue to be as busy as ever, but like most of the world we are learning to connect with people in different ways. We’d like to share just 5 highlights of this season and ask for you to prayerfully give to this ministry.

1.      Empowering the local church and reaching the nations through Trauma Healing Groups

God wants to heal people’s hurts. In the city we see some deep and dark pains. Some are self-inflicted, many are not. Regardless of the source we know the church has the answer. We have been training facilitators to lead groups all over the US and world. We’ve all been through a lot this year; facilitators learn how to guide groups to Biblically address these hurts.

If you would like to know more or be trained with a group from your church reach out to us. We’ve trained people in a handful of countries and dozens of different well-known ministries, missions agencies and churches.


2.      Sharing our passion for church planting and empowering pastors

There is no denying the burning in our hearts to walk with and encourage other pastors and ministry leaders. We love seeing new churches birthed and struggling churches get the wind in their sails to become all that they can be. We just helped two churches, one in the San Diego area and one in the Portland area, relaunch. This year we have trained and coached and encouraged (lifting up weary arms) dozens of other pastors and look forward to launching several more schools in 2021. 


3.     A voice and advocate for Spanish ministry

We’ve been working tirelessly to get the same quality materials that we have in English into the hands of those ministering in Spanish. While the amount and quality of resources available in Spanish is increasing it is not even half of what is made available in English. We have a heart and have been working hard to give the same quality of materials, trainings and resources into the under-resourced Spanish churches and ministries.


4.     Celebrating 10 years as an inner-city church and mission

While we had to cancel nearly all our typical outreaches, we have worked hard like many ministries to ‘go to the people’ digitally. This meant raising funds for technology to give out to our people who had no or limited access online. This also has meant partnering with different organizations to hand out 1,000s of pounds of food to hundreds of individuals.

We had a powerful Trauma Healing Group with a dozen women that we hosted at our church and have two ladies now trained as facilitators to continue this ministry. After meeting only online for many months we were able to celebrate our 10-year anniversary and continue to meet outdoors every week following all the safety protocols.

While we decided not to host our annual Christmas Banquet and Toy Store because of COVID-19, we are empowering and blessing the children of our church this Sunday as we hand out toys to each one of them along with an additional toy that they will be given (along with a Gospel book and some other goodies) to give to a friend of theirs that does not attend a church.

One of the most beautiful stories that has emerged during the pandemic at our church is how when 60-70% of our church lost their jobs at the outset of the quarantine families literally sacrificed their own bread and food to share with other families in need. They also willingly invited those without jobs to come work alongside them at their job so that they could share their own paycheck and have something to bring home each week. The sacrificial giving and love in action has really humbled our hearts and given us a desire to give even more to this community.


5.     Family

Each one of the kids is doing amazing in school, but it hasn’t been easy being stuck at home, especially for our more social kids. Having our church meet on Sundays has helped some and each one of the kids help with some aspect of the set-up and ministry.

Rebecca hopes to be able to get back to softball in early February – she is doing great in school and especially loves her art class.

Angela started high school this year and has yet to be on campus but is doing wonderfully and started a Hip Hop class (online).

Justice is working on High School applications and scholarships and doing great in 8th grade and continues to produce very creative stop motion Lego videos.

Beniah is in 1st grade and has proven to be really good at watching the clock and making sure we all get to our different Zoom classes and meetings at the right time.

Fabiola continues to do way more than is humanly possible as she provides support in all the different ministries and somehow keep the kids and house flourishing.


Opportunity to give

Would you consider partnering with us monthly or sending a special gift for Christmas/end of the year as we continue working towards a healthy church for every community of poverty? We could really use your support!

Please send financial support to: World Impact / 2001 S. Vermont Ave. / Los Angeles, CA 90007  (Please make check payable to “World Impact” and designate “WOLYN SUPPORT” on the memo)  OR  

You may also GIVE ONLINE HERE.



From our family to yours, we wish you a very merry, healthy and blessed Christmas,

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Angela, Justice and Beniah

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

It feels like it has been a long time since we sent out an update. Things have been very busy here with an expanding sphere of influence, growing ministries and our addition to our family (our niece).

Here are some quick bullet point updates on the last 3+ months:

Ministry with World Impact

Ø  Trained 13 teams in our Evangel School of Church Planting representing 17 US cities and other nations.  Their combined vision is to plant 1,200 over the next 3 years.
 Ø  Coaching 9 people in church planting and ministry development.
 Ø  Led 2 workshops with 12 ministries/churches involved on helping churches integrate the formerly incarcerated in their churches.
 Ø  200 men at men’s retreat (Interpreted all sessions into Spanish).
 Ø  150 women at women’s retreat. (Fabiola helped with interpretation.)
 Ø  We just handed out over 300 turkeys & food boxes to 25 church/ministries ministering amongst the urban poor. Thanks to all the churches and individuals that donated towards this and prayer for God’s provision!!
 Ø  Chad was invited to preach at a local church’s Cultural Unity Day.
 Ø  Successful deputation time visiting supporting churches, friends and family this summer:  Currently 92% funded.

Ministry with Fuente para las Naciones
Ø  Launching an English service (pilot for the first 3 months of 2020).
Pray for our launch day, January 12)

Ø  Church-wide Serve Day leading up to Thanksgiving.
We went out to the streets and handed out 100 meals to the homeless and most needy in our community.

Ø  Christmas Banquet & Toy Store and other outreaches coming up in the next few weeks.
There has been an increase in visitors checking out our church, being invited by friends. During times like Christmas these events give us more time and opportunity to build relationships and share about Jesus and our church.

Christmas Toys Needed
Are you willing to help us with our Toy Store? 
This annual event gives families from our church and community the opportunity to come buy a gift or two at deeply discounted prices (up to 75% off). This makes getting a special gift for their children more attainable, but still allows for them to feel the ownership and dignity of choosing and buying the gift themselves. There is a real special feel as our church really makes the space festive and hospitable and a group from our church does all the follow-up afterwards to help make a deeper connection for these families.

We need 100+ toys and gifts for boys and girls from 2 years – 18 years old. You can send or drop off gifts, order them online and have them delivered directly to us or send us a check and we’ll do the shopping. Please have money or gifts to us by December 14th at the very latest.

If you are able to give towards this special event, please send your gift to our church: FUENTE PARA LAS NACIONES (note this is different than our normal support giving sent to World Impact):

Fuente para las Naciones
C/O Chad & Fabiola Wolyn   
2001 S. Vermont Ave.                        
Los Angeles, CA 90007

Family Life

Ø  Rebecca is absolutely loving high school. Thank you to all who helped pray and give to make this possible. She is on the volleyball team and a student ambassador. She loves her Bible, art and theater classes.
 Ø  Our niece Angela has slowly been adapting to living her life in Los Angeles with us, she is in 8th grade. There is a lot more laughter and activity with her in the house. 
 Ø  Justice has been creating short animated videos with his Legos and is doing great in 7th grade.
 Ø  Beniah started Kindergarten and claims preschool had better toys but has new friends and is doing great…and getting ready for his first Christmas Pageant. 
 Ø  Fabiola is busier than ever with home, school, extra-curricular and church activities. She loves finding a few moments for coffee time in the mornings. 😊

Thank you for standing with us in prayer. We are grateful to you and our God for how we’ve been sustained and able to minister here in the city. It isn’t always easy, but the need and move of God to meet that need is undeniable.

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving and blessed Christmas!

Chad, Fabiola, Rebecca, Angela, Justice and Beniah